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Effective Reliability Standards

Number* Standard Title Effective Date Relevant Decisions
BAL-001-2 Real Power Balancing Control Performance April 1, 2017 D-2017-012
BAL-002-1 Disturbance Control Performance April 1, 2015 D-2014-216
BAL-003-1.1 Frequency Response and Frequency Bias Setting April 1, 2017 D-2017-012
BAL-004-0 Time Error Correction January 1, 2016 D-2015-168
BAL-005-0.2b Automatic Generation Control January 1, 2017 D-2016-195
BAL-006-2 Inadvertent Interchange April 1, 2015 D-2014-216
CIP-002-5.1 **
Cyber Security — BES Cyber System Categorization

January 1, 2017 D-2016-119
CIP-003-6** Cyber Security — Security Management Controls January 1, 2018 D-2017-117
CIP-004-6 ** Cyber Security — Personnel & Training January 1, 2018 D-2017-117
CIP-005-5** Cyber Security — Electronic Security Perimeter(s)

January 1, 2017 D-2016-119
CIP-006-6** Cyber Security — Physical Security of BES Cyber Systems January 1, 2018 D-2017-117
CIP-007-6** Cyber Security — System Security Management January 1, 2018 D-2017-117
CIP-008-5** Cyber Security — Incident Reporting and Response Planning

January 1, 2017 D-2016-119
CIP-009-6** Cyber Security — Recovery Plans for BES Cyber Systems January 1, 2018 D-2017-117
CIP-010-2** Cyber Security — Configuration Change Management and Vulnerability Assessments January 1, 2018 D-2017-117
CIP-011-2** Cyber Security — Information Protection January 1, 2018 D-2017-117
CIP-014-2 Physical Security July 1, 2018 D-2017-117
COM-001-2.1 Communications April 1, 2017 D-2016-195
COM-002-4 Operating Personnel Communications Protocols

January 1, 2018 D-2016-195
EOP-004-2 Event Reporting January 1, 2018 D-2017-110
EOP-005-2 System Restoration from Blackstart Resources April 1, 2016 D-2016-034
EOP-006-2 System Restoration Coordination April 1, 2016 D-2015-198
EOP-008-1 Loss of Control Center Functionality April 1, 2016 D-2015-198
EOP-010-1 Geomagnetic Disturbance Operations R1 & R3 - January 1, 2017 D-2016-150
EOP-011-1 Emergency Operations April 2, 2017 D-2017-015
FAC-001-2 Facility Interconnection Requirements

January 1, 2018 D-2016-195
FAC-002-2 Facility Interconnection Studies

January 1, 2018 D-2016-195
FAC-003-3 Transmission Vegetation Management R3 - July 1, 2017
R1, R2, R4 to R7 - January 1, 2018
FAC-008-3 Facility Ratings July 1, 2017 D-2016-195
FAC-010-2.1 System Operating Limits Methodology for the Planning Horizon January 1, 2016 D-2015-168
FAC-011-2 System Operating Limits Methodology for the Operations Horizon January 1, 2016 D-2015-168
FAC-014-2 Establish and Communicate System Operating Limits January 1, 2016 D-2015-168
INT-004-3.1 Dynamic Transfers April 1, 2018 D-2018-017
INT-006-4 Evaluation of Interchange Transactions April 1, 2017 D-2017-012
INT-009-2.1 Implementation of Interchange April 1, 2018 D-2018-017
INT-010-2.1 Interchange Initiation and Modification for Reliability April 1, 2018 D-2018-017
IRO-001-4 Reliability Coordination – Responsabilities July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
IRO-002-4 Reliability Coordination - Monitoring and Analysis July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
IRO-005-3.1a Reliability Coordination - Current Day Operations R11 - April 1, 2016 D-2016-034
IRO-006-5 Reliability Coordination – Transmission Loading Relief (TLR) January 1, 2016 D-2015-168
IRO-008-2 Reliability Coordinator Operational Analyses and Real‐time Assessments July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
IRO-009-2 Reliability Coordinator Actions to Operate Within IROLs July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
IRO-010-2 Reliability Coordinator Data Specification and Collection July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
IRO-014-3 Coordination Among Reliability Coordinators July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
IRO-017-1 Outage Coordination July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
MOD-016-1.1 Documentation of Data Reporting Requirements for Actual and Forecast Demands, Net Energy for Load, and Controllable Demand-Side Management January 1, 2016 D-2015-168
MOD-017-0.1 Aggregated Actual and Forecast Demands and Net Energy for Load July 1, 2016 D-2016-066
MOD-018-0 Treatment of Nonmember Demand Data and How Uncertainties are Addressed in the Forecasts of Demand and Net Energy for Load July 1, 2016 D-2016-066
MOD-019-0.1 Reporting of Interruptible Demands and Direct Control Load Management July 1, 2016 D-2016-066
MOD-020-0 Providing Interruptible Demands and Direct Control Load Management Data to System Operators and Reliability Coordinators January 1, 2016 D-2015-168
MOD-021-1 Documentation of the Accounting Methodology for the Effects of Demand Side Management in Demand and Energy Forecasts July 1, 2016 D-2016-066
MOD-025-2 Verification and Data Reporting of Generator Real and Reactive Power Capability and Synchronous Condenser Reactive Power Capability October 1, 2017 D-2017-110
MOD-026-1 Verification of Models and Data for Generator Excitation Control System or Plant Volt/Var Control Functions January 1, 2018 D-2017-110
MOD-027-1 Verification of Models and Data for Turbine/Governor and Load Control or Active Power/Frequency Control Functions January 1, 2018 D-2017-110
MOD-032-1 Data for Power System Modeling and Analysis R1 - April 1, 2017
R2, R3, R4 - January 1, 2018
PER-003-1 Operating Personnel Credentials Standard April 1, 2016 D-2015-198
PER-004-2 Reliability Coordination — Staffing April 1, 2017 D-2017-012
PER-005-2 Operations Personnel Training July 1, 2018 D-2016-195
PRC-001-1 System Protection Coordination January 1, 2016 D-2015-168
PRC-002-2 Disturbance Monitoring and Reporting Requirements January 1, 2018 D-2017-110
PRC-004-5(i) Protection System Misoperation Identification and Correction April 2, 2017 D-2017-015
PRC-005-2 Protection System Maintenance

January 1, 2017 D-2016-150
PRC-006-3 Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding October 1, 2018 D-2018-098
PRC-010-2 Undervoltage Load Shedding April 2, 2017 D-2017-015

Coordination of Generating Unit or Plant Capabilities, Voltage Regulating Controls, and Protection

January 1, 2017 D-2016-150
PRC-023-3 Transmission Relay Loadability January 1, 2018 D-2017-110
PRC-025-1 Generator Relay Loadability October 1, 2017 D-2017-110
PRC-026-1 Relay Performance During Stable Power Swings

R1 – January 1, 2018

TOP-001-3 Transmission Operations July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
TOP-002-2.1b Normal Operations Planning R12 - July 1, 2016 D-2016-059
TOP-002-4 Operations Planning July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
TOP-003-3 Operational Reliability Data July 1, 2017 D-2017-061
TPL-001-4 Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements October 1, 2017 D-2017-110
VAR-001-4.2 Voltage and Reactive Control April 1, 2018 D-2018-017
VAR-002-3 Generator Operation for Maintaining Network Voltage Schedules
January 1, 2017 D-2016-150

* If a link is broken, please inform the Documentation centre of the Régie.

** Please refer to the text of the standard for further information on the implementation dates in Québec.

*** Since the review process is still ongoing, this standard remains in effect until a final decision is rendered in file
R-4015- 2017. The text of the standard is available here.



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