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Communications and measures related to COVID-19

Joint announcement Régie-NPCC – update of February 18, 2021
The Régie de l’énergie (the Régie) and Northeast Power Coordinating Council, Inc. (NPCC) provide updated guidance to the registered entities subject to reliability standards amid potential coronavirus impacts

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The Régie and NPCC continue to take steps to ensure that operators of the electric power transmission system can focus their resources on safety and electric reliability during this unprecedented public health emergency.

Importantly, the Régie and NPCC will continue to consider the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak when determining compliance with the Reliability Standards. On a case-by-case basis, the effects of the response to COVID-19 will be considered as an acceptable reason for Non-Compliance that occurs with Reliability Standard requirements involving periodic actions such as maintenance that cannot be performed or training that cannot be completed for the period of March 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

Previous guidance requested registered entities to document any periodic actions or training that will be missed due to COVID-19. Given the extended period of the outbreak, registered entities should now document and notify the Régie and NPCC of Non-Compliances related to COVID-19 in accordance with this guidance.

To notify the Régie and NPCC, registered entities should fill out the Excel spreadsheet and then upload it into the SSCQ by the means of an Exception Reporting mandate whose title begins with “COVID”. If more than one Non-Compliance is related to COVID-19, the entities must identify them all in the same file.

Registered entities should notify the Régie and NPCC of Non-Compliances discovered on or before February 18, 2021, by submitting the Excel spreadsheet into the SSCQ no later than March 19, 2021.

Non-Compliances discovered after February 18, 2021, must be subject of a notice to the Régie and NPCC within 30 days of discovery.

For further information, please contact the Régie by email at secretariat-PSCAQ@regie-energie.qc.ca.

Finally, NPCC will not be conducting on-site audits or other on-site activities until at least June 30, 2021.

The Régie and NPCC recognize the uncertainties regarding the response to and recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak and will continue to evaluate the situation to determine whether to extend these dates or other actions to take. Our shared goal is to ensure all registered entities balance the concerns for the health and welfare of their workforce while staying focused on the mission of supplying power to consumers across Québec and North America.

Form for Self-Reporting Non-Compliances related to COVID-19