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Use of monies collected as monetary penalties

This section is intended to inform entities subject to reliability standards for the electric power transmission system in Québec(hereinafter Registered Entities), as well as researchers, professors and entities dedicated to research, of the various actions taken by the Régie to ensure the reliability of electricity transmission in Québec.

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Under the Act respecting the Régie de l’énergie (the Act), one of the Régie’s duties is to adopt and enforce reliability standards that apply to the electric power transmission system in Québec, particularly for facilities with a voltage of 120 kV or more.

Where a Registered Entity contravenes one or more reliability standards, the Régie may, after determining that the entity has contravened the standards, impose a penalty of up to $500,000 per day.

Per section 85.11 of the Act, penalty amounts imposed by the Régie following one or more instances of non-compliance with reliability standards must be paid into a separate account for the purpose of ensuring transmission reliability.

To provide a clear framework for the use of these monies, the Régie has adopted the Policy on the Management of Amounts Collected Following the Imposition of a Monetary Penalty (in French only), which sets out three possible areas of intervention in the matter:

  1. Ongoing training for Registered Entities on electric power transmission reliability.
  2. Research and innovation in the field of electric power transmission reliability, including, in particular, financial support for basic and applied research.
  3. The organization of events or forums for exchanging information in the field of electric power transmission reliability, with the participation of the relevant parties, particularly, the Registered Entities.

For more information on the Régie’s activities relating to the application of section 85.11 of the Act, you may contact the Régie at the following e-mail address: info-sanctions@regie-energie.qc.ca.